I am a consultant working at the intersection of community health, nonprofits, and accessibility.

Accessibility Deep Dive

Barriers, Integration, and Virtual Spaces

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October 12 | Everyday Ableism: How it Shows Up in Our Daily Lives

October 26 | Integrating Accessibility into Your Organization: A Primer

November 9 | Creating Accessible Virtual Programs, Events, and Meetings

1-hour sessions

9 AM PST / 12 PM EST on Zoom

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A cartoon of four people, one amputee, a cane user, a person in a wheelchair, and an ally all at a table.

My mission is to maximize organizations’ success by:

Integrating comprehensive accessibility practices in marketing, programming, and fundraising strategies.

Building an organization's capacity to deliver impactful programs.

Strategically communicating inspiring stories to engage constituents.

Training and coaching staff, volunteers, and board members.

A headshot of Elizabeth, a woman with short, curly, gray, hair. She is wearing a button-up, jean shirt and is smiling at the camera.

I am passionate about servant leadership.

As a former Peace Corps volunteer, I experienced the powerful impact a person can have on others' lives. I have devoted my life to creating positive change.

I empower organizations to expand their capacity and engage their audiences through powerful storytelling and strategic outreach.

Elizabeth sits with five others at a folding table. There is a guide dog laying on the floor at the other end of the table as Elizabeth.

These are the principles I work by:

Universal Design benefits everyone.

Accessible programs, events, and spaces will attract a more diverse audience and deliver a greater return on investment.

Inspiring stories that are strategically marketed using accessible tools will capture donors’ hearts, engage volunteers, and attract participants.

Let's work together.